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6 Ways in Which a Free Logo Maker Software Is Bad For Your Business

Creating a striking logo requires technical knowledge, knowledge of the processes involved and a touch of creativity and art. When you look at simple logos like Coca-Cola and Apple, you may think that the owners woke up and designed the logos within minutes. The truth is that it took months of brainstorming and drawing on sources of inspiration. The same is true if you want to create your logo with a Logo Generator today. That’s why business owners prefer to shed ordered sums to get professional logos. But with the innovation of online logo generators, most small businesses and start-ups choose them over hiring a designer to create a custom logo design. But here are the disadvantages of creating a logo using free logo download software:

A. It’s hard to achieve a unique logo with free logo maker generator

Almost all free logo maker software come with a huge array of logo templates to choose from. Templates don’t really reflect the nature of your business. That explains why the template has to be customized to fit the needs and goals of your business. It gets worse; free logo maker software doesn’t offer any option for customization, which means you’ll make do with what you have. This is a great example of how to make a logo that doesn’t connect with your target audience.

B. Free logo download software comes with pre-designed templates

While free logo maker software comes with a huge array of predesigned templates that you can tweak to perfection, nothing beats a custom design logo. Predesigned templates lack constancy and consistency and have immature designs. This makes them short, meaning they will impact for a short time and subside.

C. Free logo maker generator is not able to attract, retain and motivate customers to choose a particular brand

Many successful companies have been able to gain their reputation and respect due to unique and eye-catching logos. However, a company that uses free logo maker software is not able to form strong associations with the customer and this negatively impacts the business moving forward.

D. Free logo maker software has no access to copyrights and trademarks

Copyright and trademarks are very important when creating your business logo. They help you secure your logo. In other words, nobody can use your logo for their businesses. Premium logo maker software come with a link to copyright or trademark your logo. The free logo maker generators, on the other hand, don’t come with that option, making it a daunting task to start the process of copyrighting and trademarking it. Also, you run the risk of infringing on copyright and trademark laws if you use a free logo maker software. Because most good logo templates have been used over and over, it’s very easy to create a logo that is similar to the competition. And any slight similarity in a logo is seen as copyright or trademark infringement. The competitor can initiate legal proceedings and get you penalized. Worse still, your business website may be brought down.

E.   Free logo maker software may not be free

Many free logo maker software providers pitch that they offer people the chance to create logos without paying a dime. But if you look deeper, you find that there are hidden costs. They usually have premium templates that they display and so they will limit you to poor quality ones. If you want to use the premium, elegant ones, they require you to pay a certain amount.

F.   Free logo maker software can bring about brand resemblances

On copyright and trademark issue, we’ve seen that free logo maker software can turn out a logo that resembles other brands. This is not good for business. Logo resemblance can destroy your brand reputation. When customers see that your logo resembles another one, they will be skeptical and know that one is not authentic. They will simply not buy from your brand if they find out that your logo resembles another.
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